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Eoin Madden.

Your Oranmore-Athenry Green Party Candidate for 2024 Galway County Council Election.

My priorities: Transport • Nature • Health • Housing • Climate • Community

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About me

Eoin at station (2024)

I love our beautiful part of county Galway. When I look at the challenges we are facing with climate, nature, housing, and health, I know we, in rural Galway, can adapt and thrive. I’m offering positive action to bring about lasting change!

Eoin on bike (2024)

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Donate Money: crowdfunder/voteEoinMadden

  • €20 will show my message to 2,000 people on social media
  • €50 will buy 5 posters that will be seen by +10,000 people
  • €100 will print canvass cards (on recycled paper) for 2,000 homes
  • €250 will get an ad in the local press to reach up to 10,000 people

Donate time: We have to be smart with our time and money. I need people to

  • Put up posters in early May
  • Hand deliver leaflets in their local area
  • Write press releases
  • ...and more

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